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White Rock Marathon & Half Marathon Maintenance Program

Fall/Winter 2012

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Begins Saturday October 20th 7:00am and includes Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30pm guided workouts


To rebuild or continue your running fitness after a fall marathon in preparation for the "NEW" 2013 Vancouver Marathon program beginning January 12, 2013. The emphasis of this program will be on improving your speed and strength while rebuilding your endurance levels. Workouts will include a focus on legs, core, and upper body strength while rebuilding your endurance levels. This will be like body-conditioning ans sculpting for runners. Our 2013 Spring Marathon Clinic is part of an on-going long-term running developmental program cycle to help you to continuously improve over time. It follows a similar format to our Maintenance Clinic and further increases your speed and strength for better and injury-free long distance running and racing.

Program includes:

Distance runs will begin with 4, 8 and 10-miles for all beginner and recovering half or full marathoners and peak at 11-17 miles over the 12 week program in order to be in super-shape for the 2013 Spring Marathon Training Program beginning January 12. Workouts will include endurance development, interval training from 100-meters to 1-mile repeats, tempo runs, hill training, and our very own Brazil, Stations, G.I. Workouts and more. Our long-term developmental training philosophy is now being adopted universally to ensure you get stronger, fitter and faster over time and remain injury free.


The cost is $45 for 12 weeks which includes a schedule of all of the workouts, Russ' World-Famous Weekly Newsletter, incredible store discounts and more. Phone (604) 531-7879 or drop by Peninsula Runners for more information.

Coached by Russ, Lorne and our bevy of awe-inspiring group leaders to help you have your greatest running experience ever!

We offer 3 programs depending upon your goals, time and ability.

Running 101 — Critical Program

An athlete whose desire is to complete the half-marathon or marathon distance either for the first time and/or to enjoy the experience. Half-Marathon registrants should be comfortable running continuously 5-6 miles and Full-Marathoners, 9 miles plus. They should also be comfortable running a variety of distances at least 3 times per week. For this individual, education, fun and participation is of greater importance than a specific finishing time.

Running 201-301 — Veteran Program

This athlete has completed the Half-Marathon or Marathon distance within the last two years and has a sufficient running base to adapt to greater endurance training and may be seeking a personal best finishing time. You will be required to run 4-6 days per week depending upon your running history and schedule.

Running 204 — Athletic

A more advanced training program provided for motivated and performance-oriented individuals running 5 years plus and have completed several marathons or recent PENINSULA RUNNERS clinics and are seeking a personal best for a spring event such as the 2013 Vancouver Half and Full Marathon. You will be required to run 6-7 days per week. Ask for details.

More Information: Call Lorne (604) 531-7879

There's nothing worse than beginning an intense training program like a half or full marathon unprepared and under-trained. The better your base, the better your race! Don't wait for the Spring Clinic to start to get in shape. Join NOW!

How to Register

Drop by the store or call (604) 531-7879

Also Available:

Parents and baby (child) walk/jog clinic

Starts November 16 at 9:30am and goes until December 7. $7 drop in; you can sign up in-store and on the day of the clinic. First week is a meet and greet and will start with a feel-it-out walk/jog. Hope to see you there!

Peninsula Runners Cross Country Ramble

November 18, 2012 in Clearbrook Park, Abbotsford. Seventh race in the 2012 Lower Mainland Cross Country Series. 6.3km course (3 loops).

Peninsula Runners Fraser Valley Trail Run Series

Join us for our trail series beginning with our Resolution Run on January 1st, in Crescent Park. There are 3 other events in the series held at Campbell Valley Park, Aldergrove Lake Park, and Derby Reach Park. These low key events are great additions to the training and help strengthen your legs and reduce the shock of road running.